depil hair

Natural Look DepilHair incorporates a unique blend of natural ingredients, which work in synergy to enhance the process of superfluous hair removal. This process is dual phased; initially the skin of the epidermis becomes smoother, hydrated and more resilient. This phase is noticeable immediately. Phase two is the progressive deterioration of the hair structure itself.


Suitable for both men & women, the gentle preparations especially formulated to reduce the growth rate and density of unwanted superfluous hair with a special blend of natural conditioners to assist the skin by reducing ingrown hair leaving it feeling smooth and silky soft.


Natural papaya extract is renowned for its active constituent ‘papain’, which stimulates physiological change within the dermal papilla (hair root) thereby inhibiting the efficiency of cellular regeneration resulting in a slower and sparser hair growth rate.


The natural pure plant herbal extracts used in Natural Look’s DepilHair are cold filtered and developed specifically for cosmetic use with the typical qualities of the plant remaining fully aromatic and substantial as a result of the meticulous production process.


DepilHair also contains pure essential Sunflower Oil – high in vitamins A and E, Soya Bean Oil, Aloe Vera and essential Rose Oil for their added nourishing and soothing properties to leave skin smooth and silky soft making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.


Lemon Myrtle Oil in the Ingrown Hair Cream is a natural antibacterial with antiseptic properties to aid in the prevention of infection.

  • Natural herbal papaya extract, sunflower oil and lemon myrtle oil for the safe and progressive reduction of superfluous and ingrown hair.
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • For men and women
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Plant based ingredients
  • 100% essential oils
  • No animal content



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