GirlBoy Hair Candy

Straight up GirlBoy Hair Candy delivers on quality products. ‘Love’ a range of moisturising hair care and ‘Lust’ all the styling range options you’ll ever need.

In the early 90’s, if you were in the loop, you had a cd player, a pager and your favourite GirlBoy Hair Candy products. The iPhone may have rolled two of these icons but GirlBoy Hair Candy is still the gear for ultimate hair.

GirlBoy Hair Candy philosophy is cruelty on people who wear socks with sandals… sure maybe, cruelty on animals… NEVER! That’s why no GirlBoy Hair Candy products are tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal products. GirlBoy Hair Candy is proudly born and bred in Australia.

GirlBoy Hair Candy is for the young or young at heart. For those who need a flexible hair care and styling regime that works for them and not one that they’re a slave to.

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